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Hepsia Backup Manager

Hepsia's Backup Management functionality allows you to handle your website backups with just a few mouse clicks. At iClickAndHost we backup your websites and databases every day and store "snapshots" of your websites on our off-site backup servers. From Hepsia you can select the website version you'd like to restore. You can do that with just a click. Hepsia also offers our customers to enable Dropbox and Google Drive backups, which will send the latest copy of your website directly onto your own Dropbox account! The Dropbox backups are available for VPS servers as well!


Easy access to backups

Unlike cPanel and other control panels, Using the Hepsia Backup Manager is very easy. You can easilly access all of your website backups from within the main view of the Hepsia Control Panel. All saved website copies are listed under the Ă„vailable Backups drop down menu in the Files section.

Easily restore backups

To restore a previous version of your website you don't need to call for help or open a support ticket. Simply go to the list of Available Backups and select the point of time from which you'd like to have your website restored. Click on the button and you are done. The process is automatic and shouldn't take more than a minute, depending on your website size. A copy of the replaced website is saved as well.

Dropbox Backups

The one thing that sets iClickAndHost and Hepsia apart from the competition is the ability to have own, daily Dropbox backups. Connect your Dropbox account with Hepsia and select which websites and databases you'd like us to back up for you and you are all set! A saved copy of your website will be sent to your own Dropbox folder every day. The Dropbox daily backup feature is available for VPS servers with Hepsia Control Panel as well.

Google Drive Backups

On top of the option to automatically save backups to your own Dropbox account, you can have a fresh copy of your website backed up daily onto a Google Drive . Connect your Google Drive account with Hepsia and never worry about losing your data! The Google Drive daily backup feature will soon be available for VPS servers with Hepsia Control Panel as well. Read how to set-up Google Drive backups.

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