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The Hepsia Hosting Control Panel

The Hepsia Control Panel is the web hosting control panel which comes as standard with all web hosting, semi-dedicated hosting and VPS server packages provided by iClickAndHost. It is also available to all users who register domains with iClickAndHost. With the possibility to host and manage multiple domains simultaneously, the drag 'n' drop file upload functionality, intuitive e-mail account management tools, integrated site statistics and reporting tools, integrated backup manager, site security controls and web accelerator tools it's truly one of the best hosting Control Panels. But don't simply take us at our word - take a peek at our video presentation, or examine the fully featured control panel demo.


Hepsia runs on our custom built cloud platform, based on the ZFS file system. It has a massive performance gain over a standard EXT4 cPanel web hosting platform, with advantages like faster and more frequent backups, faster data recovery time, higher redundancy and more.

You can read about the details of the technical advantages and performance benefits of our cloud web hosting platform with Hepsia over a standard cPanel web hosting platform in this blog post explaining how Hepsia works and why is it better than cPanel.

Domain Manager

You can now register, transfer and administer multiple domain names and web sites from just one location. This is something cPanel has enormous troubles with. In fact, there is no Domain Manager section at all in cPanel. With the Hepsia Control Panel, you can create and administer multiple thoroughly autonomous web sites under one single web hosting account. There's no need to have separate Control Panels (i.e. login locations) for your domains, trouble tickets and billing transactions.

See how the Domain Manager works | Play Video

File Manager

With drag 'n' drop file uploads allowed, now this is something truly great - you no longer need an FTP client to upload files. Just select the files on your computer and drag them into your browser - the upload process will start momentarily. You will also be able to move files around the File Manager using the in-built drag 'n' drop functionality.

See how the File Manager works | Play Video

Email Manager

Hepsia's Email Manager enables you to redirect mail messages, to create auto-response messages with just a single mouse click, to set up email filters and to protect your mail accounts against junk mails. You can configure the desktop e-mail client of your liking to access your e-mail box accounts or administer them via a webmail client.

See how the Email Manager works | Play Video

Backup Manager

Never worry about losing your website and your data again! iClickAndHost executes full backups of your websites and your databases every day. Hepsia creates a "picture in time" of your website, sometimes even a few times a day which you can then restore yourself with just a click of the mouse.
We perform off-site backups to dedicated backup server that can be restored at any time. Hepsia also offers our customers to enable "Dropbox" and "Google Drive" backups, which will send the latest copy of your website directly onto your own Dropbox and Google Drive account! The Dropbox and Google Drive backups are available for VPS servers as well!
Hepsia is the only web hosting control panel, which allows you to browse your own backups and restore them with a click!

1-Click App Installer and Web Site Builder

In Hepsia there is integrated 1-click Application Installer tool, which you can use to activate different popular web applications. It is very easy to use - you can build your personal diary, message board or forum, Content Management System-based website (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), online image gallery or a Magento or OpenCart online store with just a click and you don't need to have any special technical skills.
With us, you can install as many PHP applications as you want without paying a single cent. A variety of web site templates, site skins and themes are available as well free of charge!

See how the application installer and site builder works in this Live Demo

Advanced Features

Hepsia's Advances Features tab gives you handy and convinient access to all of the unique features our hosting platform has to offer. We are constantly working to add new features, so keep a close eye on this one.
Click to enable daily Dropbox backups, NodeJs, Varnish, Memcached, Crontab, PHP Version chooser, Frontpage extensions.
Manage your SSL Certificates and SSH access.
View the access logs and manage the outgoing connections and your VPN access
Create a .htaccess file or generate a sitemap to submit to the search engines.
Enable IP Blocking, URL Redirection or Hotlink protection to protect your website and it's content.

You can view a live demo of the PHP configurator and version selector here

Solid SPAM Protection

With Hepsia Control Panel you can activate and control the Anti-spam protection levels for your email accounts. With Anti-spam Protection enabled, our server will filter out certain email messages, based on their "spam score result". You can change the Spam Protection levels, from Very Low to Very High and choose if emails, flagged as spam, should be deleted or redirected to a specific email account. You can also create custom blacklist filters.

You can view a live demo of the SPAM Protection feature here

Integrated web site statistics and analytics tool

Another unique feature of Hepsia is the advanced reporting platform. With a click of a button you can monitor various web site statistics.

From general traffic info - domain visits, page hits, unique visitors and on-line users; to further detailed breakdowns - distribution per country, specific user statistics.

You can also view detailed search engine statistics - visitors from search engines and breakdown per country, search engine and pages visited.

Give it a try here : control panel demo.

Mobile Friendly

The Hepsia Control Panel is not only a mobile-friendly control panel, but is has an instance built especially for mobile phones. Hepsia gives you all the important controls while on the go! You can manage your websites, domains, set-up redirects, manage your PHP configuration, manage databases and files, create or delete e-mail accounts, manage FTP user accounts, access the statistics and analytics tool all from your mobile device!

Over Five Hundred Unique Features

The Domain Manager, the File Manager and the Email Manager are just some of the tools integrated into the Hepsia hosting CP. We also give you a quick way to manage MySQL and PgSQL databases with the help of our Database Manager. Our Stats Manager provides a complete overview over all the vital stats for your website. There is also a rich set of free extras coming with the Hepsia Control Panel - a site installation tool, a web apps installation tool, a PHP frameworks installer, free web skins, a cost-free sitemap generator, etc. There is also a variety of administration and marketing tools, including an .htaccess Generator tool, a PHP Configuration tool, a URL Redirection tool, a Password Protection tool, web site statistics and reporting tools, a Dropbox backup tool, a Domain Parking & Redirection tool, a collection of web accelerators and more. Additionally, the Hepsia Control Panel includes an SSL Certificates section, from where you can buy SSL certificates for your web sites.

If you want to learn more, you can check out our Hepsia vs. cPanel head-to-head comparison and learn how these hosting control panels fare with regular hosting operations.

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