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CloudFlare Plugin is now available for all cPanel/WHM servers

iClickAndHost offers CloudFlare to all its cPanel dedicated server and vps servers

We are happy to announce that we are now authorized partners of CloudFlare CDN to be able to offer their cPanel plugin to all of our customer with cPanel servers. The plugin is available to activate in the cPanel Control Panel and gives you the option to quickly take advantage of all services provided by CloudFlare.

Trough the plugin's interface, you can sign up for a free account or you can purchase premium membership. You are also allowed to manage multiple accounts at a time. All that can be done straight from your cPanel.


What is CloudFlare ? 

CloudFlare is a web accelerator service which in the same time helps you secure your website by acting as a proxy between your site's visitors and your dedicated servers or VPSs hosted with iClickAndHost . With CloudFlare, you can protect your website against malicious attacs, save precious bandwidth and increase average page load speeds.

How Does CloudFlare Work?

Once you enable CloudFlare from your cPanel interface, it will act as your name servers; which allows CloudFlare to filter and accelerate your traffic as all requests to your website are now routed through the CloudFlare network. With advanced routing technology and many data centers around the globe, CloudFlare is able to:

  • Provide your visitors with the fastest possible connection  - CloudFlare's innovative Anycast network routes each of your visitors to the closest datacenter, resulting in your website loading twice as fast for them no matter where they are located. Physical distance matters!
  • Screen your website's traffic for dangerous visitors and potentual malicious attacks - CloudFlare receives the requests for your website and analyzes them to determine if a visitor is a threat based on the visitor's IP, the resource being requested, the posted payload and how frequently requests are being made among other things (potentual DDOS attack). Threats are blocked immediatly and the real visitors are able to quickly retrieve the pages they request.
  • Cache all the static content on your site - CloudFlare caches all the static content on your website like images, JavaScript and CSS, but does not cache HTML. Cached content is refreshed often and delivered directly to visitors from a CloudFlare server in a data center close to your visitors. This allows for very fast page load speeds. Even when the data is not cache-able, CloudFlare is able to respond to requests just as fast by using it's premium routes.
  • Optimize your web content - The patented Rocket Loader technology is included in both free or premium CloudFlare plans and helps your website to be more efficient in processing requests for third party scripts like apps, widgets and tags. Rocket Loader ensures that no script blocks your page content from loading by bundling all script requests into a single request and loading them one at a time.

You can read more about Cloudflare and how you can benefit from it from their blog

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CloudFlare Plugin is now available for all cPanel/WHM servers
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