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Archive for: November, 2014

1:43 pm

New security feature added to the Hepsia Control Panel – “Jail Host”

As you already know, we are very serious about the security of our web hosting environment and we are constantly busy in improving it. A few months ago, we enabled the ModSecurity anti-hack protection on all our servers to protect your hosting account from hacker attacks.  But hackers never sleep and they always look for now ways to[continue...]

11:38 am

ModSecurity Firewall implemented for all VPS servers

We are happy to announce a new enhancement part of our commitment for better security of our web hosting environment.The ModSecurity layer has proven to be very effective in protecting our cloud web hosting environment. Now the ModSecurity protection layer is also available for all VPS servers!  What is ModSecurity?  The ModSecurity Apache module is a great solution[continue...]

9:02 am

New security feature – encrypted FTP connections now enabled on all of our servers

After more than two decades of its existence, the web is now facubg serious security issues. In this a hostile and unpredictable environment, it is the  web hosting providers who need to shoulder the burden of keeping the integrity of web site contents and shelter them from negative influences. In a response to the recent online[continue...]

12:17 pm

How to deal with a hacked web site? We have you covered!

We at iClickAndHost are commited to information security and client security. Our customers rely on us to provide them with reliable web hosting service so we need to always be on top of the game. We do the best to prevent any intrusions to our client's websites and we always keep an eye of the[continue...]

8:31 pm

iClickAndHost ModSecurity firewall will now prevent brute force attacks

We at iClickAndHost have updated the ModSecurity Apache plugin running on all of our web hosting servers. This plugin acts as a firewall for web applications and has so far reduced the number of hacked websites on our servers significantly. As of this week, ModSecurity will also prevent “brute force” attacks. A brute force attack stands for an attempt[continue...]

11:49 am

Maintaining Privacy in the Era of Cloud Computing

The trend in the industry today is cloud computing. Individuals, businesses, and entire industries are looking toward cloud solutions for the potential cost-saving and efficiency-boosting benefits they promise to provide. But there is one downside to the cloud that people seldom hear about, one thing that must be sacrificed to join the cloud revolution: privacy.[continue...]