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Archive for: August, 2014

11:52 am

PHP 5.6.0 now available on our hosting servers

Only a few days after it was officially announced by the PHP development team, the latest release of PHP - 5.6.0 is now available on all servers within our web hosting environment. The latest version pack a number of improvements and brand new features that are aimed at making PHP much safer and easier to work with. Here is a[continue...]

9:53 am

PHP 5.5.5 and PHP 5.4.21 are now available in the iClickAndHost Hepsia Control Panel

We have added the latest stable PHP releases to our Hepsia Control Panel. You can now use the current stable version – PHP 5.5.5, as well as two legacy versions – PHP 5.4.21 and PHP 5.3.27. These new PHP updates do not add any additional functionality or features but are rather focused on polishing the already[continue...]

6:41 am

PHP 5.5 and PHP 5.4.15 now available in the Control Panel

We have recently added PHP 5.5 as an option in the iClickAndHost Control Panel. It was released just a few days ago and it offers lots of new features. Here is a quick overview of the new features offered by PHP 5.5:   generators and coroutines; the ‘finally’ keyword; a simplified password hashing API; support[continue...]