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PHP 5.6.0 now available on our hosting servers

Only a few days after it was officially announced by the PHP development team, the latest release of PHP - 5.6.0 is now available on all servers within our web hosting environment.

The latest version pack a number of improvements and brand new features that are aimed at making PHP much safer and easier to work with.

Here is a list of the key new features included in the new release:

added support for constant scalar expressions - numeric and string literals and/or constants are now allowed in static-value contexts, such as constant and property declarations or default function arguments.

variadic functions via ‘…’ - the variadic functions can now be implemented through the ‘…’ operator, instead of the func_get_args() function.

- аrgument unpacking via ‘…’ - the аrrays and traversable objects can be unpacked into argument lists when calling functions through the ‘…’ operator.

- exponentiation via ‘**’ a right associative ** operator and a **= shorthand assignment operator have been added to support exponentiation.

- use function and use const - the use operator now supports importing functions (via the use function construct) and constants (via the use const construct), apart from classes.

- phpdbg - PHP now includes an interactive debugger called phpdbg, which is implemented as a SAPI module.

default character encoding - the default_charset is now used as the default character set for functions that are encoding-specific, such as htmlspecialchars(). The default value for this setting is UTF-8.

- large file uploads - files larger than 2 gigabytes in size are now supported.

SSL/TLS improvements – peer verification is enabled by default, support for certificate fingerprint matching is now included, mitigation against TLS renegotiation attacks is activated; many new SSL context options, which allowbetter control over the protocol/verification settings when using encryption, are included too.

You can read a full list of the new features and functionalities of the new PHP 5.6.0 release here:

All PHP users are encouraged to try out the new version and to report any bugs they may encounter in the bug tracking system –

You can select the PHP version you'd like to use on your web hosting account from the Hepsia Control Panel : 

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PHP 5.6.0 now available on our hosting servers
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