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4:14 pm

Exclusive offer! 80% off semi-dedicated servers!

We are happy to announce an exclusive 80% discount to our Semi-Dedicated Basic package. This reduces the price to just $5/month for 3 months. With iClickAndHost you can enjoy the performance of a VPS server combined with the simplicity of a standard web hosting account. Power up your traffic-hungry websites! Our Semi-Dedicated server packages use[continue...]

12:52 pm

We have completely revamped our line of dedicated servers

We have just completely overhauled our dedicated server offers so you can now have a broader choice of physical private server solutions when you need a lot of power and dedicated resources for your websites and applications.  Four times more servers and storage customization options  After a thorough analysis we are happy to announce that[continue...]

7:46 pm

We have increased the OpenVZ VPS resource allocations, while dropping the prices!

We are very happy to announce that we have tweaked the OpenVZ packages in order to be more competitive in the VPS market. We have upgraded most of the OpenVZ VPS plans and we have boosted the CPU, RAM and SSD Storage quotas! On top of that we managed to keep the same low prices[continue...]

4:23 pm

Introducing Cheaper SSL Certificates and SNI Support!

In line with today's trends, the demand for SSL certificates has growin higher and higher. Web masters are looking for ways to increase trust and security between the end-users and their websites. Especially after Google announced that having an SSL certificate will be a positive ranking signal for websites, the global demand for SSL certificates[continue...]

6:06 pm

More power for less – Higher CPU quotas and lower prices on all our OpenVZ packages

We are happy to announce that we have introduced higher CPU quotes and a nice price drop for each of our OpenVZ VPS Packages! Now you get even more power for your virtual node at a bargain price! Our VPS service is jam-packed with features and all comes with 24/7 live support.  We can take[continue...]

4:58 pm

Price reduction on all Dedicated Server packages!

Good news everyone! We are happy to announce a massive price drop on all of our dedicated servers!  We maanged to sign a better deal with our hardware provider for 2014 and we are passing on all the savings to you!  And do you know what is the best part? The price drop will apply[continue...]