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We have increased the OpenVZ VPS resource allocations, while dropping the prices!

We are very happy to announce that we have tweaked the OpenVZ packages in order to be more competitive in the VPS market. We have upgraded most of the OpenVZ VPS plans and we have boosted the CPU, RAM and SSD Storage quotas! On top of that we managed to keep the same low prices for some of the packages, and for some of the packages even to to drop the prices with a significant %, especially for the mid-range VPS offers. All of this comes with a significan capacity upgrade in each of our Data Centers, so we can confidently guarantee the resource allocation for each node!

Here is an overview of the new OpenVZ VPS resource quota boost:

  • Guaranteed RAM

RAM is one of the most valuable resource to a VPS server. With iClickAndHost the RAM allocation (as well as the other allocated resources) are always guaranteed. All OpenVZ VPS packages, exception of the smallest one (OVZ01, have received a RAM resource uplift.

As you can see in the below table, we have tried to reach a smooth RAM allocation gradation in the package offering, where each next VPS package offers one extra GB of RAM.  

The size of the RAM resource upgrade varies between 25-40% (with packages OVZ01-OVZ05) and 50% (with the more powerful setups).

  • SSD Storage

All of our VPS servers utilize 100% SSD storage, allowing us to be able to guarantee fast and stable I/O to our customers. The disk capacity for each VPS package has also been re-evaluated. As a result, all 10 OpenVZ VPS packages now offer much larger data storage allocations. Here, the size of the upgrade varies between 20% (with the smallest basic VPS package) and 50% (with the more powerful plans).

  • Monthly Traffic

The monthly internet traffic quotas have received the largest uplift (between 60% and 77%) to reflect the growing traffic demands on the market. Here, the upgrade concerns all VPS packages from OVZ03 to OVZ10. Now each of these VPS plans offers 1- 2 TBs of additional internet traffic traffic atop the amount offered by the preceding package.

The updated packages are available at all of our Data Center Locations

The newly updated OpenVZ VPS resource quotas will be valid for the OpenVZ VPS packages in all our 5 data centers – SteadFast in Chicago, USA; Pulsant in London, UK; Ficolo in Pori, Finland; TelePoint in Sofia, Bulgaria and SIS Group in Sydney, Australia.

Will the new resource quotas be available to existing customers?

You bet they will! All new and existing customers will be able to benefit from the newly scaled-up resource allocations.

Existing customers will not need to renew their monthly subscription in order to get the new quotas - they will be applied automatically at the next billing cycle!

Fast and Reliable VPS from iClickAndHost

All of our VPS packages come with our 99.9% uptime guarantee. Our OpenVZ VPS servers come with a lot of free features, like the fast and free Hepsia Control Panel, allowing you to manage your VPS just like a regular web hosting account, free Backup options - Dropbox Backup and Google Drive backup, free complimentary VPN service (with 5Gb of free VPN traffic included), free dedicated IP and more. 

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We have increased the OpenVZ VPS resource allocations, while dropping the prices!
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