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Archive for: August, 2016

12:37 pm

We have added 150 free WordPress themes at your disposal

We are happy to announce that we have added a collection of modern and responsive WordPress themes to the Free Themes section of the your web hosting Control Panel. Now you can update your old rusty non-responsibe WordPress site, or start a new WordPress-based blog, news portal, photo gallery, etc. The new themes are free[continue...]

5:21 pm

The Hepsia Control Panel now has a mobile version!

Today mobile phones have become more than just devices for communication - they have become pocket size computers, increasing our mobility and productivity by a large margin. Today we can do so much from our phones - from ordering food and catching a ride, to paying our bills, access online banking and even board airplanes at airports. It[continue...]

2:30 pm

How to install Ghost onto your web hosting account: a step by step guide

How to install Ghost onto your web hosting account: step by step 1. In the Hepsia Control Panel create a new domain / subdomain: 2. If you have/want to use a dedicated IP address, set your new subdomain/domain to resolve to it; 3. Download the latest version of Ghost from and unzip it in the[continue...]

1:13 pm

Introducing visual and usability enhancements to the Hepsia Control Panel

It was time for the Hepsia Control Panel to get a little make over in order to improve the management of your web hosting environment even easier. So we are happy to announce a few enhancements that we pushed to the control panel. 1. New account usage visual panel  We have made the resource usage panel[continue...]

4:23 pm

Introducing Cheaper SSL Certificates and SNI Support!

In line with today's trends, the demand for SSL certificates has growin higher and higher. Web masters are looking for ways to increase trust and security between the end-users and their websites. Especially after Google announced that having an SSL certificate will be a positive ranking signal for websites, the global demand for SSL certificates[continue...]

6:22 pm

New Feature – Automatically backup your websites to Google Drive from the Hepsia Control Panel

We at iClickAndHost are already offering our customers comprehensive backup options for their websites. Last year, we have improved the backup capabilities of our web hosting platform by enabling the option to back up your web sites' contents to Dropbox and by allowing you to access and browse all of your available backups from the Hepsia Control Panel.  Now[continue...]

1:43 pm

New security feature added to the Hepsia Control Panel – “Jail Host”

As you already know, we are very serious about the security of our web hosting environment and we are constantly busy in improving it. A few months ago, we enabled the ModSecurity anti-hack protection on all our servers to protect your hosting account from hacker attacks.  But hackers never sleep and they always look for now ways to[continue...]

2:35 pm

Ability to add a PTR record (reverse DNS) from Hepsia enabled for dedicated IPs

We have received a lot of requests to activate reverse DNS from our web hosting customers with dedicated IPs and until now, the way to do it was to contact the support for it.  We are happy to announce, that as of today, every customer with dedicated IPs will be able to add a PTR[continue...]

4:49 pm

Free VPN Service for all of our web hosting clients!

We are happy to announce, that we have included an exciting new feature for all web hosting customers. We are now allowing FREE VPN service for all customers using the Hepsia Control Panel.  You can find the new VPN section under in the Advanced tools menu, or you can use the quick access link added[continue...]

7:26 pm

Remote MySQL access is now available with all hosting plans!

We are happy to announce that we have implemented a new feature in our Web Hosting Control Panel – remote access to all MySQL databases in your  web hosting account. You can now access your database(s) from any external host of your choice, using your favourite MySQL Remote Access application. To ensure maximum security in your connection to our[continue...]