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Upgraded CPU quotas for all semi-dedicated hosting plans

Just recently, we announced a major upgrade to the OpenVZ VPS resource allocations, including a change to the CPU allocation algorithm, which enabled each VPS server to have a guaranteed number of cpu cores assigned to it. 

Now we are happy to announce that our semi-dedicated hosting servers can use 100% of 1 or 2 CPU cores, depending on the plan. 

The change is already implemented across our web hosting environment and is now in place for all existing semi-dedicated hosting customers. 

Why measure CPU cores for web hosting?

After careful consideration and thorough analysis we decided to give our semi-dedicated servers even more power and to put them on a par with the more powerful VPS servers with regard to resource availability.

Measured in numbers, the change accounts to a 100% CPU allocation boost for the Semi-dedicated 1 plan, where with the Semi-dedicated 2 package the increase is with a whopping 200%! The physical master hosting servers themselves have on-board Intel Xeon E5 CPUs, which are powerful enough to provide the necessary juice.

We are confident that this change will give our semi-dedicated hosting customers a greater perspective when building and hosting complex, power-hungry dynamic websites and web applications with high traffic and user activity. 

Why host on a semi-dedicated server?

A semi-dedicated server is the perfect solution for anyone who has outgrown the resources offered by a regular web hosting account, but don't have a budget for a stand-alone dedicated server, or don't want to deal with the hassle of configuring, securing and administrating a linux server. 

Our semi-dedicated servers are as easy to use as any regular web hosting account and come with a ton of free bonuses and tools, like a point-and-click control panel, domain and mail / FTP account manager, visual code editor, drag and drop file manager, PHP and security controls and lots more. There is no server management needed. 
Our team of experienced administrators keeps a constant, vigilant watch over the semi-dedicated servers to make sure that everything is running smoothly. 

Plus, all semi-dedicated servers include a 30-day free trial. This means that you will be able to test-drive the service works before commiting to a payment.

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Upgraded CPU quotas for all semi-dedicated hosting plans
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