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Exclusive offer! 80% off semi-dedicated servers!

We are happy to announce an exclusive 80% discount to our Semi-Dedicated Basic package. This reduces the price to just $5/month for 3 months.

With iClickAndHost you can enjoy the performance of a VPS server combined with the simplicity of a standard web hosting account. Power up your traffic-hungry websites! Our Semi-Dedicated server packages use our innovative cloud platform based on BSDs ZFS filesystem. 

This allows for faster page-load times, faster backups, faster database access and faster data recovery. You will never worry about slow page load speeds and downtime caused by server overload.

Your semi-dedicated server comes with the Hepsia Control Panel. Web Site Builder with free themes for the casual user. A 1-Click App installer will help you install WordPresss, Joomla, Drupal, Moodle or any other CMS you may need. In addition the web hosting environment also offers a PHP Version selector and a custom php.ini configurator. You can deploy Memcached, NodeJs, Varnish, connect via SSH, use the handy dedicated IP manager, configure ModSecurity and have full control with the Firewall / Connection Manager, Easy Backups Manager, restore backed-up copies of your websites with 1 click, set password protected areas and a lot more for the power user.

You can now take full advantage of the promotion and find out firsthand what it is like to have your web sites and web projects hosted on a semi-dedicated server at a really low price. The promo price is valid for the first 3 months. There is no obligation to continue at regular price after the promo period ends. 

What is a semi-dedicated server ? 

Semi-dedicated servers have proven over time to be ideal for owners of resource-intensive web sites who need to migrate from a regular web hosting platform to a more powerful one at a reasonable cost, but do not want to deal with the hassles of administering a VPS or a dedicated server. 

Since their introduction our semi-dedicated servers have become the preferred choice for users who have outgrown the resources offered by their standard web hosting accounts, but are not yet ready to move to a VPS or a dedicated server.

Here are some of the advantages a semi-dedicated server offers:

  • Increased performance – a semi-dedicated server offers 4-5 times more resources, over a standard web hosting account, including increased CPU usage quotas and generous amounts of database query processing power. This will give more juice to webmasters who run busy sites and complex, dynamic applications and allow them to handle vast numbers of concurrent requests sent by their website visitors, forum users, online shoppers, etc.

  • Guaranteed security – semi-dedicated server customers can rest assured that their web sites and applications are being kept safe and stable 24/7. They are also able to leverage all the security improvements that we are constantly applying to our web hosting platform, among them the ModSecurity anti-hack firewall, plus the always up-to-date anti-virus protection and DDOS protection.

  • A fully managed server solution – all server monitoring and management procedures are taken care of by our administrators. The environment is constantly monitored by our team experienced staff. They also perform routine maintenances to keep the server up to date with the latest software patches. This will give you the peace of mind to focus on your projects rather than waste time and efforts on backend operations.

  • Ease of use – managing a semi-dedicated server is like managing a regular web hosting account, by our innovative point-and-click Hepsia control Panel. There is no admin console to log into (unless you'd like to activate SSH to your account), nor an operating system (or other software) to configure. Thanks to our Hepsia Control Panel managing your web sites and applications will be a breeze.

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Exclusive offer! 80% off semi-dedicated servers!
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