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Introducing Domain Backorders and The Domain Backordering tool

iClickAndHost Domain Name RegistrationIn this day and age the chances of getting a good-sounding and SEO friendly domain name by using the the normal and orthodox ways are getting thinner with every day. According to Verisign and their domain name industry brief as of Q3 2013 over 271 million domain names are registered and in use globally. With about 7% increase year over year your chances of catching a good domain name for your portfolio, brand or NGO are looking grim. 
Probably one of the best ways to get an attractive domain name today is to have it ‘recycled’, i.e. to lay your hands on a domain that has already been registered by someone else, but is no longer in use.

What is domain backordering?

iClickAndHost is launching a service to help you get ‘recycled domains’. We call this  ‘Domain Backorders’. Backordering a domain allows you to attempt to acquire an expired domain name in the moment it becomes available for registration.

How does domain backordering work?

Starting from today, you will be able to backorder  .COM/.NET domain names through the Domains Backorder section of the Hepsia Web Hosting Control Panel:
Using the advanced domain search filters, you will be able to narrow down the list of expiring domains and see only those you are most interested in.
iclickandhost domain search
For example, you can specify the number of characters in the domain name (between 2 to 64 characters); whether it should contain only letters, numbers or dashes or a combination of all; whether it should contain a specific keyword, or only to feature words from the dictionary, and etc.
After you’ve selected your search criteria, just let us know if you want us to generate a list of .COM or .NET TLDs, or both.
When you are done just click on the Search button and you are all set!
In the search results, you can easily filter out the domains that you are not interested in and keep them out of your domain wish list. 
When you place a domain backorder, we will start monitoring the domain availability for you and try our best to snatch it up for you the moment it becomes available and it is open for public registration.
Note: Placing a backorder does not guarantee that you will acquire the domain name you have requested, because this is a first-come-first-serve process where we might be unsuccessful in the attempt to register it for you. More popular domain types and names will have more watchers and bidders for them. 

How much does it cost to backorder a domain?

To backorder a domain, you will need to deposit $20 USD in your wallet. The amount is non-refundable, so if we do not succeed in registering the domain name for you, you can go ahead and backorder another domain name or use the funds towards another service or upgrade an existing service on your account.
Sign up now for an account with us and enjoy the benefits of domain backordering today!

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Introducing Domain Backorders and The Domain Backordering tool
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