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11:38 am

We will be performing a capacity upgrade of our UK Data Center

We would like to inform you about an upcoming large scale UK Data Center expansion during the next 2 weeks. We have dones this before and we have carefully planned the whole process and we are doing a lot of the work in advance in order to perform the move and upgrade with minimum impact[continue...]

10:00 pm

Finland Data Center added to our web hosting portfolio

We are happy to announce that we have made one of the best data centers in Finland our partner! The Ficolo data center is now partnering with iClickAndHost in order for us to be able to provide web hosting services in Finland.  This is the 3rd EU server location that we are adding. Now you[continue...]

3:35 pm

New EU Data Center Location Available

We are excited to announce that we are now able to offer reliable web hosting out of a new EU Data Center location. We have just on-boarded and moved to production our servers in the Telepoint Data Center in Sofia, Bulgaria!  A strategically planned and prepared partnership is now a reality. The Telepoint data center[continue...]

12:02 pm

Distributed DNS system is now available in all data centers

We have recently launched our distributed DNS system in all our data centers – in our US data center in Chicago, in our UK data center located just outside London, and in our Australian data center in Sydney. Up until now, we have relied on one major DNS cluster of servers to take care of all DNS requests to the websites hosted with[continue...]

5:36 pm

Our servers have been upgraded with faster SSD disks!

We are glad to announce, that all of our web hosting servers are now runnning SSD disks! Solid State Disks are a lot faster and more reliable than HDD. All of our hosting packages and VPS servers are now hosted on SSD disks and you can enjoy the benefits of the latest storage technology.