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2:11 pm

New performance improvements of the web hosting environment

We, as a web hosting provider that aims to be innovative and customer-oriented, are committed to constantly imrpove and enhance our web hosting environment, so we can provide our customers with better performance and high reliability. As you know, we are running a custom built cloud platform, based on BSD's ZFS filesystem. Our cloud hosting[continue...]

10:07 pm

What is VPS Hosting ?

VPS hosting is a type of web hosting that uses Virtual Private Servers. The VPS allows the user to have a website which is fully independent and control it as if each is a separate real machine. How does VPS work? To explain better how VPS works, let’s try to visualise. Each virtual server, on[continue...]

11:49 am

Maintaining Privacy in the Era of Cloud Computing

The trend in the industry today is cloud computing. Individuals, businesses, and entire industries are looking toward cloud solutions for the potential cost-saving and efficiency-boosting benefits they promise to provide. But there is one downside to the cloud that people seldom hear about, one thing that must be sacrificed to join the cloud revolution: privacy.[continue...]