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Introducing visual and usability enhancements to the Hepsia Control Panel

It was time for the Hepsia Control Panel to get a little make over in order to improve the management of your web hosting environment even easier. So we are happy to announce a few enhancements that we pushed to the control panel.

1. New account usage visual panel 

We have made the resource usage panel a little bit more appealing and with a better graphical representation via a progress bar. When you log into your account now you can see on the left hand side this new neat panel information about your account usage and we have added quick access to relevant upgrades. 

The new progress bar has four colors : 

Grey – your usage is up to ⅙ of the allocated resources;

Green – your resource usage is within the limits and you have nothing to worry about;

Orange – you are close to reach a limit, defined by your hosting package;

Red – you have already reached a critical resource usage level. You will have the option to easily upgrade your plan.

2. New section-specific resource usage tabs

For your convenience, now you will see usage stats for each section in the Hepsia Control Panel

3. Visual upgrade of the Domain Manager and My Domains section

We have added better color coding to the small My Domains table in the main view of the Hepsia Control Panel

From now on, you will also be able to renew your domains directly from this table by clicking on the "Expiring domains" line.

We have also added a progress bar to the Domain Manager to give you a better perspective of the domains that are about to expire or have expired.

We hope you like the enhanced Hepsia Control Panel. With the interface improvements we have made it more user-friendly helping you scale your web hosting plan easily, so you can always be within your budget. The easy scalability is just one of the NUMEROUS advantages of our cloud platform. That is just one of the advantages of our cloud platform

We are working to implement more improvements and add more new features, so stay tuned for more from iClickAndHost!

Introducing visual and usability enhancements to the Hepsia Control Panel
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