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Say Thanks! by giving friends and loved ones the gift of discounted web hosting!

We want to say Thank You for trusting iClickAndHost to be your reliable web hosting partner!
When we started a few years ago we had no idea that we will manage to acquire so many loyal customers and supporters and we met great people along the way!

We have dedicated all our time and efforts to make your experience on the internet as pleasant and trouble free as possible. 

We have used our experience and knowledge to create an environment which is better than the average shared host. Our ZFS based cloud platform outperforms any shared hosting by a large margin. We have implemented tools which provide for better performance and reliability, like automatic load balancing, separate server clusters for the separate services - e.g. mail, database and storage are on independent server arrays, so they never interfere with each other and if an outage occur there will be less services impacted and it will be faster and easier to restore.
You can read more about our custom cloud platform on our blog. We run daily backups and allow you to restore your own backups from a selected past snapshot. We don't set limits on space, traffic, restores, support tickets or anything. We are always there to help - our system administrators and billing team is sanding by 24/7 to help you if you run into trouble. We will help you to move your websites, we will help you if your website gets hacked, we will help you if you cannot install an SSL or point a domain - even if it is not purchased from us. 

Our VPS servers have guaranteed resources, guaranteed I/O, guaranteed uptime and guaranteed support response time. Check out at our blog
how do we guarantee our high uptime. We have spare parts on site. We offer free control panel, dedicated IPs. We keep our network very clean, by not allowing any spamming, torrenting, proxy tunneling and any other illegal activity, so your apps and websites can run smooth and perform at their maximum!

We are utilizing the super-awesome Hepsia Control Panel. Hepsia utilizes a great interface which we believe makes website management so much easier! Drag and drop files to your hosting account. Edit webpages and code live with it's WYSIWYG editor, manage domains, SSLs and WHOIS protection from the same pane. View traffic and website usage statistics from right within your control panel. Access billing and support with the same single logon. Even manage your websites on the go with
Hepsia's mobile version!

But enough about us. This Thanksgiving you can give your friends, colleagues and family members a special discount code which will allow them to transfer to our web hosting service with 15% discount for lifetime! If they choose to register a domain name with their registration, the domain name will be free of charge for as long as they keep the web hosting account with us! Afterwards the domain is free to be transferred away or dropped. There are no obligations. 

Share coupon code THANKS for them to use at checkout. The code is case sensitive and will expire November 29th!

If you want to invite someone to iClickAndHost you can also do it from right within the Hepsia Control Panel. When you are logged into your webhosting account in Hepsia, go to Advanced and select Refer us to a friend.

Thank you one more time for being with us! We appreciate our business and we value you as a customer! The fact that we have so many plan renewals and returning customers, means we are onto something! 

Say Thanks! by giving friends and loved ones the gift of discounted web hosting!
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