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Personal online file storage now available as upgradeable option on our web hosting plans

iClickAndHost Online File StorageWe, at iClickAndHost offer unlimited traffic and disk space to all of our web hosting customers. The space and traffic will always be unlimited until one simple rule is followed - the files and the traffic must be related to the website content. So no matter if it is about a lot of photos, documents or your music if you are an artist - the space and the traffic is unlimited. This is explained in details in our web hosting terms of service

However more and more people need reliable file storage which they can access from anywhere and anytime. Our customers have been asking about it and we have listened.

Introducing binary file storage service. 

This new feature will allow you to purchase additional extra space dedicated to your storage needs exclusively. The amount of extra space ranges from 100 GB to 1000 GB and will cost you $10/month. 

The binary storage upgrade is applicable to all web hosting packages and semi-dedicated servers

Users can find the storage service in the Upgrade Services section of the Hepsia Control Panel. It will appear as an upgrade option to users who have more than 100 GB of used disk space. 

After the free migration from your previous host to us and the ‘help with hacked sites’ service, that we offer the binary storage upgrade represents our commitment towards fulfilling our customers’ specific needs, which we hope will make us win your hearts. 

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